Connecting people with information.

The numbers

1 Million Visitors

Each month.

15 Brands

Across six countries.

4 Verticals

Education, litterature, business, and finance.
Our edge

How we do it

Identifying opportunities

Using innovative strategies to find valuable projects

By leveraging our search engine experience, we are able to uncover valuable topics currently underserved online.


ROI-driven decision making

Using historical data and market knowledge, we’ve built a customized model to ensure all projects meet our risk-adjusted ROI-target.


Scale our winners

Everything we do involves calculated risks. Some projects fail while others exceed our expectations. When our assumptions hold, we double down on a project. When they don’t, we shut it down.


Sell your business

We buy programmatic ads and lead-gen businesses.

Reach out for an indicative bid

First, we’ll check your website to see if there’s a match to our portfolio. Next, we’ll begin our due diligence process to assess risks and growth opportunities. If there’s a match, we’ll send you a competitive offer.

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